South End Container Terminal Crane Tie Downs

Global carriers are quickly increasing the size of vessels deployed to Halifax; this in turn requires the installation of larger ship to shore cranes in order to work them. Pier C consisting of berths 41 and 42 is currently serviced by five cranes of varying age and capacity. Two of the cranes, are too short to work a loaded mega vessel. Furthermore, the current size and positioning of cranes creates two congestion issues for the terminal, and for a large ship; only one crane can work efficiently resulting in a slow turnaround and increased possibility of import containers missing inland connections. The South End Container Terminal Crane Tie Down Project includes the excavation and construction of reinforced concrete anchor points for two new cranes on the pier (Figure 2). On site construction is planned for July 2022 for the new stowage location for the existing crane and modifications for electrical and stowage for two other existing cranes so that they can be relocated in November 2022. The new cranes are anticipated to arrive at the terminal by ship in June 2023; after unloading is complete, commissioning will require approximately one month.

Ship to shore cranes must be secured during storm events to prevent them overturning or moving and striking adjacent cranes. The proposed Project will involve the installation of electrical power supply and new reinforced stowage areas for the two new cranes as well as a new reinforced stowage for an existing crane and modification to existing infrastructure to allow for reconfiguration of the existing cranes. The new cranes will require dedicated breakers and ground fault protection be installed in the terminal substation building, new electrical cables to the pier face and turnover stands to provide a connection point for the cranes. All details will match existing equipment and methodologies which have proven suitable and reliable with the existing five cranes. Project activities will occur within the existing footprint of the pier, and no in-water work is required. Waste from all activities will be segregated and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Latest update

July 28, 2022 – The Halifax Port Authority and Transport Canada has determined that the proposed South End Container Terminal Crane Tie Downs Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

Halifax Port Authority and Transport Canada is satisfied that the carrying out of the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. Therefore, the Halifax Port Authority may carry out the project, exercise any power, perform any duty or function, or provide financial assistance to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.



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