Canadian Coast Guard Purfleet Point Rear Range Rebuild and Abandoned Structure Removal

Based on an ongoing review process, the Canadian Coast Guard identifies locations where fixed aids to navigation are required to be constructed, maintained, modified, or relocated and seeks the assistance of qualified consultants and contractors in providing these services. This project area is within the Lower Fraser River at the southwest end of Annacis Is. The project proposes to remove and rebuild one navigational aid in the Fraser River and remove one abandoned aid  structure.  LL357 Purfleet Point Rear Range  and the abandoned site are based on the shore of Annacis Island. The project was previously posted on the Public Registry, however due to a change in scope to complete work on the Rear Range and abandoned structure a new Project Posting has been created.  The Range site is currently a light and sign board attached to a skeleton tower. The tower is secured to concrete platform that sits on nine creosote timber piles.  Before the current aid is decommissioned the new aid will be built adjacent to the current one.  The components of the new aid will consist of a single hollow, steel, 42" pile (1.067mØ) with a 19.1 mm wall thickness. It will also consist of a ladder to the concrete platform,  concrete platform secured to the pile that will house the steel tower with sign board and light, battery box with batteries and solar panel,  and railings. The steel pile driving will be completed with a spudded  barge and crane and the use of a vibratory hammer. The platform, ladder and navigation aid component (light unit and day marker) will be installed on the new steel dolphin piling and will require some minor welding of metal tabs. The abandoned site consist of  nine piles  and is on the shore of Annacis Is. An Environmental Protection Plan is being developed. Due to access issues a pocket of dredging is required directly in front of each structure, with sediments being stored adjacent to aid and replaced in dredge pocket after the work on the structures is complete. Approximately 1627 m3 of sediment is to be dredged at the abandoned structure and 4036 m3 at the Rear Range structure.

The barge will function as the project's work platform and for containment of equipment, material and any wastes. All wastes will be removed from the work site. If heavy machinery has to access the land and the sites cannot be reached from the barge protective matts will be placed down in the intertidal area. Pile extraction and installation will be completed according to CCG construction drawings. The platform, ladder and navigation aid component (light unit and day marker) will be installed on the new steel dolphin piling and will require some minor welding of metal tabs. The footprint of each site (nav-aid) will decrease. The Canadian Coast Guard will be on the work barge during all pile driving and at completion of work. Work activities with the potential to adversely impact will follow DFO mitigation measures to prevent harm to fish and fish habitat. A request for review has been prepared and will be submitted to Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program for Review as well as an application to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. An application has also been submitted to Transport Canada in regards to the Navigation Protection Program.  Spill response kits will be present on the barge.

Only the Rear Range is on Federal Lands, while the abandoned structure is not on Federal Lands.

The project is estimated to start in October with work period of 21 days.


Latest update

Discontinued – application withdrawn

In July 2022, this application was withdrawn by the applicant and therefore this specific application has been discontinued.


Key documents

Key documents
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1 Public Notice - September 8, 2021


Andrew Wight
Maritime and Civil Infrastructure, Canadian Coast Guard
Andrew Wight, Project Engineer
25 Huron Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4V9
Telephone: 250-413-2835

  • Location

    • The abandoned site is located on the shore line on the southwest end of Annacis Island (British Columbia)
    • The Range site is located in the Lower Fraser River New Westminster, Annacis Island, BC. (British Columbia)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Building and Property Development
  • Assessment Status

  • Proponent

    Canadian Coast Guard
  • Authorities

    • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    • Transport Canada
    • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Assessment Type

    Project on federal lands
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