Response to February 24, 2020 letter from the Agency (see related document #119)

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Hi Caitlin,

In reviewing the February 24th documents on the Marten Falls Community Access Road Project and the Webequie Supply Road Project IAs, the following comments are provided on Attachment 4 (summary of information available to the IAAC on LL58):

  • Section a), second bullet:
    • Long Lake #58 First Nation is not a signatory to Treaty 9 or the Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850. LL58 has been located on a one square mile tract of land since 1905. While we were located to this land, and despite the fact that our Home Lands over laps the geographic boundaries of the treaty 9 and Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850, LL58 has never signed a treaty with the Crown.
  • Section b), first and third bullets:
    • Long Lake #58 First Nation’s traditional use area (AKA traditional territory/homelands, see attached map) are intersected by the proposed Marten Falls project, and will be directly impacted by increased traffic on the connecting southern roads and highways, most notably once both projects connect to the Ring of Fire (i.e. the recent announcement from Ontario on the ‘Northern Link Road’). These projects present potential impacts to LL58’s physical and cultural heritage, as well as possible sites of historical and archeological significance, the extent of which will be determined through community consultation and engagement activities during these IAs.

Additional information on LL58’s areas of concern and potential impacts are detailed in the January 28th submission to the IAAC, attached for reference. Regarding a community-specific annex to the Indigenous Engagement & Partnership Plan, LL58 would like to confirm our interest and requests that the IAAC review the LL58 Engagement & Accommodation Protocol (already provided to the IAAC) prior to discussing next steps. We also look forward to receiving further information on the Participant Funding Program, as funds are required to maintain/establish capacity moving forward in these IA and community engagement processes.

Please note that our band office is currently closed, and workflows are being adjusted accordingly. Any future meetings on these projects will have to take the current circumstances into account, and we ask for patience in the weeks ahead.

Yours sincerely,


John O'Nabigon


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