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Fixed Aids to Navigation - Pacific Region

This report was declared by the Agency as a class screening report on January 16, 2007, following a public comment period held between August 9, 2006 and September 18, 2006.

The Agency acknowledged the commitment of Fisheries and Oceans Canada to use the class screening report for the environmental assessment of all projects to fall within this class. The declaration of this report was effective until January 16, 2012.

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Environmental Assessment Report

Statement of Project   (April 1 to June 30, 2008)

British Columbia  (18 projects)

Canal Island

  • 08-02-39793 Decommissioning of Canal Island Daybeacon Aid to Navigation (5038)

City Bank

  • 08-02-40368 Replacement of Port Mann Training Dyke Upper Aid to Navigation (370)
  • 08-02-39385 Replacement of Port Mann Training Dyke Lower Aid to Navigation (369)

Cousins Inlet

  • 08-02-39990 Replacement of Cousins Inlet Aid to Navigation (599.5)

Deas Point

  • 08-02-39731 Modification of Deas Point Aid to Navigation (601)

Edward Point

  • 08-02-39728 Replacement of Edward Point Aid to Navigation (596)

Flagpole Point

  • 08-02-39730 Replacement of Flagpole Point Aid to Navigation (597)

Fougner Point

  • 08-02-40179 Replacement of Fougner Point Aid to Navigation (6071)

Graham Rock

  • 08-02-39658 Modification of Roberts Bay Aid to Navigation (230.6)

Hokonson Point

  • 08-02-40178 Replacement of Hokonson Point Aid to Navigation (6070)

Joachim Spit

  • 08-02-39263 Replacement of Freeman Passage Aid to Navigation (747)

Kelkpa Point

  • 08-02-39643 Replacement of Kelkpa Point Aid to Navigation (602)

Kelpie Point

  • 08-02-39641 Replacement of Kelpie Point Aid to Navigation (587.0)

Kiwash Island

  • 08-02-39642 Replacement of Kiwash Point Aid to Navigation (590)

Robson Reef

  • 08-02-39657 Modification of Robson Reef Aid to Navigation (5104)

Rooney Point

  • 08-02-40425 Replacement of Rooney Point Aid to Navigation (793.3)


  • 08-02-39656 Replacement of Stewart Dolphin West Aid to Navigation (760)

Wearing Point

  • 08-02-39989 Replacement of Wearing Point Aid to Navigation (599)