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Routine In-Water Works Project Along the Rideau Canal and the Trent-Severn Waterway

This report was declared by the Agency as a class screening report on December 6, 2006, following a public comment period held between July 26, 2006 and September 7, 2006.

The Agency acknowledged the commitment of the Parks Canada Agency to use the class screening report for the environmental assessment of all projects to fall within this class. The declaration of this report was effective until December 6, 2011.

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Replacement Class Screening Report

Statement of Project   (October 1 to December 31, 2008)

Ontario  (63 projects)


  • 08-02-56627 Removal of retaining wall and replacement with rip-rap
  • 08-02-56577 Patch existing concrete structure face and top

Cranberry Lake

Drummond/North Elmsley


  • 08-02-56575 Protect tree roots from erosion, remove dead trees and install floating cellular dock with ramp

Leeds and the Thousand Islands

  • 08-02-56605 Construction of new 32x8 post dock
  • 08-02-56569 Installation of a 8x20 floating dock with a 4x12 ramp

Lovesick Lake


  • 08-02-56549 Installation of removable 30x6 aluminium post dock


  • 08-02-56629 Installation of post dock with aluminium frame.Removal of aquatic vegetation
  • 08-02-56537 Repairs of damaged boatlift

North Crosby

North Grenville

  • 08-02-56591 Repair and replace existing launch bay
  • 08-02-56565 Installation of 32x6 seasonal post dock and 10x16 boatlift


  • 08-02-56633 Shoreline stabilization and installation of new floating aluminium docks
  • 08-02-56615 Installation of new retaining wall protection
  • 08-02-56585 Erosion protection
  • 08-02-56574 To build temporary supports on the canal bed
  • 08-02-56572 Shoreline stabilziation with geotextile and installation of new floating aluminium docks
  • 08-02-56571 Dredging of inland boat slip to remove mud and debris
  • 08-02-56553 Installation of new 6x32 pile dock perpendicular to the shore
  • 08-02-56551 Construction of 8x20 floating dock that will be attached to existing boardwalk
  • 08-02-56546 Conversion of existing dixed platform portion of boardwalk/ bridge to a floating platform
  • 08-02-56477 Overturned Gabion Wall will be removed and replaced with vegetated rip-rap slopes.Replace overturned support pillars
  • 08-02-56419 Proposed Shoreline design with encroachment of 2.5 m in the waterway

Rideau Lakes

  • 08-02-56728 Repair existing cribs on dock
  • 08-02-56623 Replace existing crib dock with post or floating dock.Installation of new dock
  • 08-02-56622 Replace existing crib dock with post or floating dock.Installation of new dock
  • 08-02-56609 Replace existing bridge with new wood.Installation of 8x24 floating dock
  • 08-02-56608 Repair concrete piers, repair flat roof and build retaining wall to prevent erosion
  • 08-02-56602 Remove timbers and replace with rip-rap, repair concrete retaining wall
  • 08-02-56599 Repair boathouse and dock cribbing
  • 08-02-56597 Installation of new floating crib dock
  • 08-02-56595 Installation of new floating dock
  • 08-02-56593 Removal of two layers of asphalt shingles and replaced with rolled steel
  • 08-02-56592 Replacement of support beams under small boathouse
  • 08-02-56589 Removal and replacement of all existing cribs with new ones
  • 08-02-56588 Installation of rip-rap along the shoreline
  • 08-02-56587 Installation of new 8x20 floating dock with 4x12 ramp
  • 08-02-56582 Installation of new 23x8 floating dock with 8x6 hinged ramp
  • 08-02-56578 Installation of 20x6 floating dock and 32x6 floating dock
  • 08-02-56566 Replace 16.5x7 dock with 2 retractable posts
  • 08-02-56558 Instalation of post dock and boat lift
  • 08-02-56550 Removal of existing 18x26 boathouse and dock.Replace with 32x9 and 25x11 boathouse and dock
  • 08-02-56539 Set removable Irragation Line
  • 08-02-56531 Installation fo new L shaped floating dock 4x12 ramp to a existing 8x20 dock
  • 08-02-56422 Build and Install Floating boathouse
  • 08-02-56420 Installation of New Dock(26x32)
  • 08-02-56418 Replace and repair rusted steel walls, tin on boathouse and.Installation of seasonal dock
  • 08-02-56403 Dock and Boathouse repair

Severn River

South Frontenac

  • 08-02-56563 Installation of floating dock
  • 08-02-56554 Placement of erosion protection on both sides of a floating dock as well as on the left of a boatslip

Sturgeon Lake

Talbot River

Tay Valley

  • 08-02-56601 Repair exisitng crib dock
  • 08-02-56584 Remove existing steel/cement structure and replace with wood dock
  • 08-02-56560 6x30 pile driven addition to existing dock

Trent River