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Ajax; Clarington; Oshawa; Pickering; Whitby (ON)

Reasons for a Federal Assessment
Project Description
Environmental Assessment Report
Minister's Environmental Assessment Decision Statement
Final Decision
Follow-up Program

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Reference Number

Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry: 10-03-39781

Environmental Assessment Type

Comprehensive study

Responsible or Regulated Authorities

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Transport Canada

Reasons for a Federal Assessment

On March 26, 2010, it was determined that an environmental assessment was required in relation to the project because Transport Canada considered providing federal lands and Fisheries and Oceans Canada considered taking action in relation to subsection 35(2) of the Fisheries Act.

Project Description (as posted in the Notice of Commencement)

On July 12, 2010, a series of amendments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act came into force. As part of these amendments, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is playing an enhanced role in the environmental assessment of this project as it will perform the duties and functions of the responsible authority in relation to this project until the submission of the comprehensive study report to the Minister of the Environment.

As part of its new role, the Agency has posted a notice on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry inviting the public to comment on the project and the conduct of the comprehensive study.

This environmental assessment was started as a screening on May 27, 2008. On March 26, 2010, as a result of the January 21, 2010 Supreme Court of Canada ruling in MiningWatch Canada v. Canada (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans et al.), it was determined that the environmental assessment in relation to this project will be continued as a comprehensive study.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (the proponent) is proposing to construct an easterly extension of the 407 Transportation Corridor (highway/transitway). The undertaking would consist of a highway and transitway, including the extension of mainline 407 from its current terminus at Brock Road to Highway 35/115 and two north-south links connecting Highway 401 to the proposed extension of Highway 407.

The approximate length of the undertaking is 70kms, comprised of the following three sections:

  • East-West Mainline - 49.9 km
  • West Durham Link - 10.3 km
  • East Durham Link - 10.5 km
Approximately twenty-four interchanges are currently proposed, subject to further review during the preliminary design phase of the EA. The majority of the crossing roads will be grade separated (over or under the Transportation Corridor), with the remainder of the crossing roads closed at the 407 right-of-way. Grade separations will also be required at two railway crossings, specifically for the CP rail line north of Rossland Road on the West Link and for the CP rail line south of Baseline Road on the East Link. Extensive earthworks will likely be required to construct the highway and ancillary structures. Fencing will also be installed along the highway right-of-way.

Bridges are proposed over major watercourses and may also be required to span sensitive wetland features. Other drainage related works are also proposed for management (and treatment) of stormwater runoff from the roadway surfaces and highway right-of-way.

The Transportation Corridor will have a highway right-of-way of approximately 110 m. The ultimate cross section of the highway will vary throughout the corridor. The western section will generally be a closed median separating traffic in opposing directions (concrete barrier wall) and the eastern section will generally be an open median (wide grassed ditch) separating opposing traffic. A transitway corridor, with a right-of-way width of 60 m, is proposed, along the south side of the 407 mainline right-of-way and on the west side of the proposed north-south links (East and West Durham Links). The future transitway would initially service buses with potential conversion to light-rail transit. Transitway stations are proposed at all interchange locations.

Earlier phases of the 407 East EA have recommended protection for an ultimate ten lanes on the 407 mainline through Pickering and approximately the west part of Whitby, eight lanes for the east part of Whitby and through Oshawa to the East Link and six lanes from the East Link to Highway 35/115. Six lanes are proposed for both the East and West Durham Links. Initial lane requirements will be determined during subsequent design and implementation phases.

Municipal road realignments will be required in several locations to accommodate the 407 Mainline, the links and the associated interchanges.

Environmental Assessment Report

Draft Comprehensive Study Report
Comprehensive Study Report

Minister's Environmental Assessment Decision Statement

Canada's Environment Minister Announces Decision

Final Decision

A decision was taken on September 2, 2011 and was that the authorities may exercise any power or perform any duty or function with respect to the project because, after taking into consideration the comprehensive study report and taking into account the implementation of appropriate mitigation measures, the authorities are of the opinion that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

Follow-up Program

It was determined that a follow-up program to verify the accuracy of the environmental assessment and/or determine the effectiveness of any measures taken to mitigate the adverse environmental effects is required for this project. For further information or to obtain a copy of the follow-up program, please contact Transport Canada.